In the Beginning…

The title of this post may seem…. overboard, but this is a new website and it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken the time to tell the story of my work, how I got started and why I do it in the first place.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that there was a point where I ‘discovered’ photography. Camera’s and photographs were always part of my life. The first person I can recall with a camera around their neck was my grandfather ‘Mac McCuen’. He carried a twin lens reflex waist level camera and had it most times that I saw him. Of course, he also owned a newspaper so, this shouldn’t be surprising I suppose.

mccuen 001 This is a photo of me with my grandfather and grandmother – I’m the young one in the photo!

These are my mother’s parents and they’ve both since passed. As we lived in different states most of my childhood (my father was in the military and we moved a lot), we didn’t get to see our grandparents very often. Still, my memories of them are strong and fond.

Photography was always an important aspect of my mother’s family, below are a couple of samples of group shots at my grandparent’s home, and some of my aunts were involved in photography as well. One of my aunts (Aunt Kathy, is a very talented photographer in her own right).

mccuen001 So cameras and photography wer just something that were just ‘there’, much like smart phones and tablets are to the youth of today. They were just born into it, for them, it was always there. That’s how cameras and photographs were to me.

That in no way means that I knew anything about either the equipment or the process, that’s a topic that we’ll continue to explore as we move forward.

Again, thank you for visiting my web site.

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