Lots of Irons in the Fire…

Of course, this is my photography page, so the main focus (no pun intended) will be on my still photography. However, it deserves to be mentioned that still photography isn’t my only interest.

When I say; “Still Photography” most people will think of digital photography, and who could blame them. That is just one aspect of photography that I have my hand in. For example, I’ll still shoot film in formats from 35mm to 120 medium format and even 4X5 inch (in my pinhole camera!  Of course, digital stills as I’ve mentioned as well as both aerial and underwater photography AND video. That’s right, I’m also involved in shooting video and don’t be surprised if you’re met with some video the next time you visit.

One of the most important thing in photography – for me – is to change up the angle. Shooting from a regular standing position is what most people do, and that’s fine, but I want to present a different perspective. I was so interested in getting a higher angle that I toyed with the idea of buying one of those used bucket trucks like the utility companies use!  That idea died quickly – thank goodness.  However, I still didn’t give up on getting that perspective, I just used a different tool.

That’s where my interest in UAV (drone) photography and videography were born. As I mentioned, I’m not a dabbler – I jump in…. fphantom-4-pro-logoully.  Where it comes to the drones, I took a course and successfully completed the FAA part-107                            part 107 certificate test so that I can fly commercially. This would allow me to do different (paid) assignments and even to sell photographs that were taken with the drone. I’ve even created a separate website for the drone stuff. If you’re interested, that site can be found here; flying wolf nola.

I’ve got a few different cameras that can shoot underwater as well as just regular HD digital cameras. So, you never know what may turn up on this site.


As always, thanks for visiting, next time we’ll start to dig into some different photographs and the stories behind them.

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