Tools of the Trade


There’s an old adage that states that one should use the right tool for the job at hand.  When it comes to photography, however, we’re told that “the camera doesn’t matter.”

The point of that last quote is to illustrate that a good photograph can be made with any camera. That’s true to a certain degree. It also points out that it’s not the equipment but the skill and the ‘eye’ of the person behind the camera that matters most. I do agree with all of that, but I’m here to tell ya……. the camera does matter.

Would a bride accept a wedding photographer who was only planning to use the camera in his phone?!  The cameras in cell phones are getting better all the time and, the day may come when that’s a possibility, but I think that most couples would prefer more professional equipment to capture their important day.

I share the above image not to ‘show off’ or anything like that – not at all!

I want people to know that I understand using the proper tool for the job at hand and that I’ve made the necessary investment to be able to have the proper tool, regardless of the task. In the photo are several film cameras (including a pinhole camera), underwater cameras, point & shoot cameras, a ‘run and gun’ camcorder when I need to get a shot quickly, and a few DSLRs two of which capture full HD video as well as still images of course. There’s also a stabilizer for a cell phone so I can use the video from that device on platforms like Youtube and the like. I can’t forget about the UAVs, there’s a few of them. The smaller one good for events that would require an aircraft that isn’t as loud as the bigger ones. Again, I successfully completed the FAA part 107 test allowing me to operate a UAV for commercial purposes (that’s an important detail and I don’t want any misunderstanding regarding that).

Images created for this site are likely to have been created on any of these cameras – depending on the reason for the finished product.

As always, thank you for visiting my new website. I really appreciate the support!


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