Twin Bridges

Behind the scenes of one of my favorite and most popular images. IMG_0137At this distance, the normally crowed, active city melts into the skyline. The only sounds are those of the rushing Mississippi River and the traffic crossing over the bridges above. While I was standing along the rivers edge waiting for the right moment to make this photograph, An ambulance passed from the east to west bank. I remember thinking how the sound of the sirens seemed so out of place in the calm area that I found along the river side of the levee.
The quiet, calm solitude is one of my personal own reasons that make being a photographer so enjoyable. Sometimes when you look at a scene, you plan in your mind how you hope the image will turn out. The final result doesn’t always match your vision. This is one of those times when, thankfully, it did.
This image is available in several different sized prints.

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