Most of these recent posts have been highlighting a single image and trying to give you the story behind it or at least a description of what was going on around the area where the image was made.

The last installment, admittedly, was a bit different where I went into more detail about a certain type of photography and some of the techniques used.

This time around, we’ll do something different yet again. This time a bit of shameless self promotion and maybe some borderline bragging (well not really).

Back around Christmas of 2017, I entered a ‘call for entries’ on an art website called; Light Space and Time. This is an online art gallery and this call for entries was for the category; “Cityscapes.”

For a small fee you could enter a few photos and a juror, or probably a jury would go through the submissions and select winners. According to the email I received today, there were 596 entries and, while I didn’t finish in the top 10 or anything, three of my images were selected for ‘special merit’ and ‘special recognition’ awards. I assume it’s kind of like an honorable mention, but I’ll take it as this is the first time any of my images have been selected in any contest. Of course, this is only the third such contest that I’ve entered, so I’m pretty excited about it.

This particular call for entries was different from the others in that paintings, as well as photography was accepted. That puts a whole different spin on it as I don’t know how photos are judged against paintings, but they did it somehow.

These are the three images that were selected;

award brooklyn bridge at dusk
Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk
award new orleans 001
New Orleans under the Twin Bridges
award new orleans sunset
New Orleans at Sunset


These are the awards that were issued;

awards panel

It really isn’t my intention to brag or to call attention to myself. This blog stands as a kind of journal after all, and that’s the main reason that I post this information. This will allow me to have a record of when this took place and refer back to in if needed in the future. As these posts are automatically shared to Facebook, they will also remind me as the anniversary comes around.

The Light Space and Time website posted a gallery of the winners here;


They’ve also created a slide show of the winning images on Youtube and that can be seen here;

Fair warning on both of these presentations, as my last name begins with a W, my images are near the end of both. That’s just the breaks.

Hey, this means that I should be referred to as AN AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER! LOL

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