Under a Blood Red Sky.

I think that’s a U2 album or something. (?)

Taking a photograph of a sunset is a little bit ‘safer’ than attempting to photograph a sunrise. The reason is, you can get an idea of what the sky is going to look like throughout the day and, to some degree, determine if the sunset is going to be worthy of being photographed. It doesn’t always work out, but you have a much better chance.

Waking up well before sunrise and, usually, driving some distance to a predetermined location and hoping to capture a stunning sunrise is really a gamble. You can either have a boring, cloudless sky or, you can have an overcast, lifeless sky with no sunrise at all.

In this case, I woke up and got on the road a little bit later than I would have liked, but hey, it’s very early. I made my way down the treacherous stretch of highway 90 towards Des Allemands. I arrived on the east side of the bridge over the bayou and started to select my final location. The sun, of course was going to be coming up behind me (duh, sun rises in the East!).

So, I jumped back in my car and made my way (quickly) across the bridge. I pulled up right across the street from this docked shrimp boat. I set up my tripod and the sky just lit up! The image you see was what I saw and it only lasted for about 2 or 3 minutes! When I got back to the studio and started working on the images from the morning, I was pleased that I decided to wake up early and was rewarded with a sight that few people get to see. That is another great aspect of being a photographer, sometimes you get to see something spectacular, you may be alone when you see it, but that’s to your photographs, you can share the incredible image with others! How great is that?!boat 001 edit


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