Roll the Dice

Now that the time has changed back to daylight saving time, the sun sets much later and there are more opportunities to get out and make some images in the evening. Tonight I kept watching the sky, waiting for a sign that the sunset would be spectacular. It was between 5:30 and 6:00 PM and the sky was looking kind of hazy.

I checked an app I have that shows me where the sun will be setting based on what location I enter. I also use a web site to see what I can expect on the ground level.

The sky still wasn’t looking very promising, but I decided to take a chance, to just roll the dice (as it were). After all, it’s Friday and the worst thing that would happen is I would waste some time and a little bit of gasoline.

As I drove to my predetermined location, all the while keeping an eye skyward, I started to notice a kind of ‘cobbling’ of the clouds. I’m not sure that’s the right word, but what I was seeing was that they were starting to kind of clump together. This is a positive sign, but the sun was still surrounded by a pretty think haze.

I realized that this could go either way. The sunset could be drab (as the app warned me it would be), or something good could happen.

That’s why you got get out there, because you just never know.

As I parked and started to walk to my desired location (I had this shot in my head for some time). I kept looking towards the directing that the sun would be setting and it was starting to look promising!

Usually, symmetry in photography is “against the rules”… however, sometimes it’s a good thing to break these rules.

I’m happy with the sunset that greeted me. I hope you like it too. I’d love to hear your thoughts.web twin bridges william wolfe

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