When my siblings and I were in high school, there was a nursery (a plant store) up on the highway. It was only a couple of blocks from my parent’s home, but I never visited the store. I was young after all and had little need for plants. Still, it was a fixture and a business that we’d pass often.

It seemed this store did a good deal of business, though I can’t even remember its name.

The nursery shut down, at some point, very unceremoniously. There was no fan fare or going out of business sale – not that I knew of. This once vibrant store, now gone.

In time, the wear started to show, as it always does. Time and the elements have a way of doing that, nothing or no one escapes it.

When I saw the building recently, I knew I wanted to photograph it. Knowing that It could be torn down at anytime or succumb to the elements, so I didn’t want to miss my chance. I also wanted to make the photo at or near sunrise, as I had already mapped out where the sun would be and when it would be at the proper angle.

As I stood in the wet grass waiting for just the right moment, I couldn’t help but think about the plant store back in its ‘hay day’. Who owned it? How many people worked here? All that effort, time and expense, now lost forever. I wondered if it was all worth it. How did the store owner feel closing the door for the last time? Was it sad occasion or was it a relief?

As these thoughts were filling my brain, it happened… The rising sun burst through the window. The sun brought with it something that it aways brings;  The hope of a new day.

As I shot photos, trying to get the sun in perfect position, I was struck with the lyrics of one of my (current) favorite songs by a band called Sevendust. The song is “Waffle” and in it the singer speaks of what can only be described as depression. Then, as the music builds to the chorus… there’s some hope, something that everyone seems to crave…..

“Bring me a light, make my life worth something more, show me a light, bring a light.”

Even though this building and business are done and long gone, with the new day, there’s new hope.  No matter what happens, the sun will rise tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m often asked what draws me to create certain photographs and why I do it at all…… now you know.

Make today worth it.

Belle Chasse Plant store


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