It may seem odd to start this story with a look back, but I don’t like to just jump into the middle of something. Way back in 1990, my wife surprised me with gift…. a new product on the market = a camcorder!  Back then, the camcorders were as big as the cameras now used by ‘on location’ reporters for the local news! So big, in fact, that they rested on your shoulder for stability!  They recorded directly to VHS tape and there was no editing to speak of. Any editing had to be done ‘in camera’ or with another tape and then combined. At least that’s how it was on the consumer level.

This was my first foray into the world of ‘visual arts’ and I was certainly hooked!

I even managed to book a few weddings and make a little money.  As camera technology improved, I found myself in several different other pursuits and left video in my past.

It wasn’t until many years later that I found a renewed interest in (again – visual arts). This time it would be still photography and it was also spawned by a gift from my wife = a 35mm Canon Rebel.

rebel edit

I took this camera to photography classes as I really wanted to learn how to ‘master’ the settings and understand what I was doing.  This eventually led to the creation of a wedding photography business that operated for several years. Let me tell you; there’s no better way to learn the workings of your equipment than under the pressure of a wedding!  I got proficient very quickly!

Even when we stopped photographing weddings, I kept the majority of the equipment, turning my attention to more personal photography works which are seen in the galleries of this site.

Newer DSLR cameras have the ability to record video (in HD no less) as well as still photos of course. This brings us full circle and, finally, to the point of this post!

I’ve now assembled the necessary equipment to start (once again) as a film maker. Along with the the DSLRs, pro camcorders shooting in 4k, gimbals, sliders, etc, there is also the ability to use drones in my productions. Part of incorporating drones into any production is the need to successfully pass the FAA part 107 remote pilot’s exam – which I’ve also done.

Here’s a video I shot to document repairs to a communications tower

  Now there’s nothing standing in my way!

I’ve been flying for quite awhile, but really want to be more involved in video production s that really ‘tell a story’.  I’ve included a link to a recent drone video created to highlight the city of New Orleans.

Watch that video here

I was contracted recently to complete a project for a local communications company. The video was to be entered into a contest sponsored by Motorola and the production was meant to highlight a new line of body cameras that they were releasing. With zero budget and only 48 hours (TOTAL!) I shot all the principal footage and completed the video just before the deadline for entry. The video was edited using Final Cut Pro X, that’s the only reason I was able to finish it in time!


The salesperson wrote the script and narrated the vocal track, which I edited into the footage. The finished video won 1st place in the region in which it was entered!
That provided a big boost of confidence, to say the least.

I’ve provided a link to that video if you’re interested in watching it;

Watch the video

So, while the name of my current venture is;  William Wolfe Photography, the word ‘video’ will need to be added… somehow.

Weddings will certainly be a possibility as well as corporate productions as outlined above, music videos, depositions, real estate virtual tours, the list goes on! Let me know if you need any video work!  🙂

William Wolfe Photography, video production will be open for business in 2019!

Thanks for visiting and reading.

Happy New Year everyone!

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