While this web site has long been dedicated to showcasing my personal photography work, I recently made the announcement that I’ll be returning to client work. Both Photography and video projects will be accepted.

In the spirit of that announcement, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back to some of my previous work.

My wife, Mendy, and I worked together at the time under the name; “B&M Photography”.

That business name has been discontinued and now I work under my own name. Mendy may still assist me in certain situations, but she just doesn’t want to shoot any longer. I can’t fault her, she has a stressful job with longer than usual hours and the added work of shooting weddings was taking its toll.

Anyway, while we shot together back then, all these images were made by me. Mendy may well have assisted with the posing and such, but I made the exposure (just so there’s no concern about authenticity).

While weddings were the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what we did, those came with other sessions associated with them. One of my favorites was the bridal session. This was a photoshoot with the bride and, usually, her mother or a bridesmaid or two. These sessions were always special as it was usually the first time the bride would be wearing her gown in public. At this point I have to mention that every bride, regardless of the location, would hear shouts of congratulation as we conducted the shoot. This always brightened their spirits (no matter how bright they already were to begin with!)

So, without further fanfare, here are some of my favorite shots from the bridal sessions that we did.

These brides held their sessions in City Park. In fact, many brides used the beautiful background of City Park for their sessions (as you’ll see). This was back before the park required a permit be paid for any professional photography. The permit wasn’t what stopped us from using the park, it was the time frame that the permit needed to be processed and the fact that the weather wouldn’t always cooperate with the permitted day. It just became too much of an issue and so, we stopped going to City Park for any sessions. It was great while it lasted however.

As popular as City Park was, not every bride wanted to chance the elements and chose an indoor location.

Still, other brides wanted to include their wedding ceremony location in their bridal session as a way to reinforce the illusion that the bridal photos were made the same day as the session. In some cases, the images below were taken the same day as the wedding, in other cases, they were taken weeks before. Can you tell the difference?

Still, other brides chose a different outdoor location that was special to them. This bride (Tracy) chose a location called Longue Vue House and Garden, a beautifal location in its own right.

My personal favorite, however, are the brides who really ‘go for it’. Now, you may think that it is the photographer who get the credit for any unusual images, but in reality, it almost has to be the bride’s idea. That’s because some ideas could easily cause damage to the dress. In other cases, the idea could cause the dress to become so dirty that it would need to be professionally cleaned before the wedding day!  Obviously, this isn’t something that any photographer wants to be their idea. So, out of the ordinary locations or poses, are normally the idea of the bride. Still, these often make for the best photographs.

My all time favorite type bride is the one who wants something really unique. This bride absolutely did not want to go outside in our Southern heat. So, we set up a very unique set up in our studio. This particular bride loved this image, but it should be noted that this bride had a ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ themed wedding ceremony and that her wedding was on October 31st!

No matter the bride or the type of images that she has as her ‘vision’, I do my utmost to make that vision a reality.

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