With the Birds I Share the Loneliest View….

I can’t explain why, but lately I’ve been wanting to trespass into some cool places. When I was young (teens – early 20’s) I would think nothing of a no trespassing sign. My friends and I would just go for it. We were’t criminals or anything. We never stole anything or damaged anything. I’m not even sure we trespassed like what I’m talking about… I just know that we would have if we wanted to.   We had nothing to lose.

That’s not the case today. If I fall to the temptation and hop that fence or sneak past security and I get caught – there’s a high price to pay.  Sure, the $100 – $150 fine isn’t a big deal. That’s not the problem. The “up to 30 days in Jail” – now THAT’S a problem.  Imagine missing work for 30 days – no more job. No job = no money. No money = no house…. No car…. No food…. You get the picture…. There’s a LOT to lose.

So, that’s what I think of when I get tempted to enter a building or a site that is marked;  “No Trespassing.”

You may say that the odds of actually doing any time are very low – and that may be true… I’m not that lucky. I’m not a smooth talker who can sway a judge to take pity on me. No, my past experience is that I’m the guy they make an ‘example’ of.

So, I found a way around it.  The drone can go places that I can’t. And… it’s perfectly legal (depending on where it is of course).

Of course, there’s really no way to get IN a building. That wouldn’t work out very well. I am able to get a perspective of places that are unexpected. I can ‘see’ things that can’t be seen for the ground. I can get the drone down pretty low and get a ground view – sort of. The camera on a drone isn’t designed to point up, so that limits just how low I can go and still get the shots that I want.

Still, it’s much better than nothing.

I’ve incorporated this technique at several locations recently and wanted to do a post to share a few of the images. 

If you follow my photography page on Facebook, you’ve probably seen most of these before. I’ve sprinkled in a few news ones just for you! Thanks for reading!

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