Well, not really, but I do really enjoy New York City. For some reason, I just feel very comfortable there. I know I shouldn’t, there’s so many people and they’re all in a hurry. The city is noisy and busy, but I like it.

It may sound strange, but with so many people there I actually feel kind of alone. I know – weird.  No one pays any attention to you. You really are alone in the crowd. Something about that aninymity appeals to me.

This trip I was really only able to get out later in the evening to make photographs. I did visit some of the usual spots, but also some new ones.

The city is so large that you could go out everyday for a lifetime and new see all it has to offer.

I put together a few of my favorites from this trip. Also, I’m going to be running a sale on our web store for the holidays, so stay tuned for that!

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