Brownell Memorial Park

I had the oppurtunity to visit the Bell Tower at Brownell Memorital Park recently.

The park was closed (even though according to the sign, it shouldn’t have been). That doesn’t stop a drone from getting in. Just another advantage of having a UAV.

Brownell Memorial Park is a 9.5 acre park in a natural setting next to lovely Lake Palourde (a French word meaning shellfish). The 106-foot-tall carillon tower contains 61 bronze bells which were cast in Holland. Bells play two selections every 15 minutes. The park is a designated bird sanctuary and a must for naturalists and photography buffs. With advance notice, a Wildlife & Fisheries agent can accompany your group to answer questions and give facts on the area’s wildlife, flora and fauna.

I also created a short video from the drone. It’s only 2 minutes long, so take a look.

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