Time to Get Back Out There!

Now that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be behind us, it’s time to get back to life as normal. Of course, for the families who have lost loved ones, it will never feel normal again. I sometimes get angry with the news coverage of this terrible event and how little this fact is mentioned.

Having said that, it is time for our nation to try to put this all behind us – and at the same time, never forget the cost we’ve paid.

I don’t often discuss travel on this site, but I would like to add it to the topics that I’ll be hoping to cover moving forward.

I recently had the occasion to travel to a part of the country where I’ve never been…. Las Vegas!

This post will be mostly about the hotel where I stayed and a kind of review of that hotel.

When people think of Las Vegas, they mostly picture staying at a hotel on the strip, however there are other options and they may better fit your requirements.

The hotel I occupied durning my stay was the ‘M’ Hotel. It’s located about 20 minutes drive from the strip, but it’s worth the drive.

This was my view from the room. Yes, that’s the whole Las Vegas strip!

The ‘M’ hotel is the “official hotel of the Las Vegas Raiders” football team. The team practice facility is very nearby.

This is a luxury hotel, make no mistake. I think the Ferrari located in the main lobby gives that away!

I don’t expect that my particular room was anything ‘special’, but it was very nice. There was even a personalized welcome message on the room’s television!

The room had a walk-in shower and a kind of garden tub bath. One would be able to see the view of the Las Vegas strip even while soaking in the bath! (I never used the bath, but it was certainly possible.)

The hotel includes several restaurants, a complete barber shop / spa, a wine cellar in the basement as well as a very large casino (of course). I wasn’t able to take photos of the casino (I didn’t even try). I know that photographing a casino floor is against the ‘rules’ of the casino.

While I was in Las Vegas, the CDC updated their regulations on masks for people who had been vaccinated. Before my time there was complete, all the hotels and casinos were allowing vaccinated people to begin a ‘masks optional’ posture.

By the time of this writing, I’m hearing that Las Vegas is nearly completely open and shows were starting to run again. So, it’s time to get back out, travel and experience all the great things we have in this country – you may want to start in Las Vegas. If you do, consider staying at the ‘M’ Hotel, casino and spa!

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