WOW! It’s been awhile

Looking back, the last post I did was right after Hurricane Ida. Those were crazy times indeed and a lot has been going on. Not much of what’s been going on is really very interesting or worth writing about. Covid seems to be ended (hopefully) and places are getting back to normal…. well almost.

I’ve been getting out and shooting a bit more lately. In fact, I started a photo-a-day challenge over on the Facebook page. If you aren’t following me over there yet, I would like to invite you to. You can follow along and see if I’m actually able to do it! I have my doubts, but I’m gonna give it a try.

In non-photography related news, I’ve been involved with keeping reptiles. That doesn’t take very much of my time, but it does require attention. A lot of people don’t understand keeping reptiles as pets, but it’s becoming much more popular.

I’ve also been playing more music recently. I’ve really missed it and I’m trying to learn some new things, so that’s been fun.

Of course, building models has always taken its share of my available time. I really enjoy it. I can’t explain why, but I do. There’s something about the craftsmanship that most other interests don’t include.

Anyway, just a quick catch-up post. I hope to be more active in the future. That will be another goal of mine!

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