William during his first visit to California

William Wolfe has been a photographer since 1999. He studied photography at Delgado college in New Orleans where several varied disciplines of photography were covered.
Whether natural light or Studio portraits, pre-dawn landscapes or ultra-high stress weddings, William has the experience you need.

In the beginning, William and his wife Mendy were shooting all types of photographs including baby portraits. Finally they settled on wedding photography along with engagement and bridal portraits. That business thrived until 2015 when William turned his attention to more varied subjects with a heavy interest in landscapes. All the while, William still kept an iron in the fire that is portrait and event photography, accepting the occasional client projects.

Staying true to the roots of the art, William remains active in film photography and chemical print processing. William still maintains a Black & White darkroom. He is also accomplished in creating ink transfers. In fact, William’s Polaroid transfers were featured in the Alternative Photography; Art and Artists book.


In 2016, with the desire to branch out and obtain different perspectives on the usual photographs, William purchased a drone (UAV). Since that purchase, William has successfully completed his FAA part 107 remote PIC (Pilot in Command) license. The purpose of this is to allow William to conduct drone photography and videography commercially. To contract William for those types of services, please visit the contact page of this site.

William still accepts event, portrait, wedding, real estate and other commercial projects.

Please use the contact page to communicate you photography desires. All communications are returned in a very timely manner.

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