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  • Abandoned Six Flags Give-Away

    Abandoned Six Flags Give-Away

    I’ll keep this short and to the point. On September 15th, I’m going to choose (at random) one person, from our Facebook page, who will win this print; It’s pretty easy to win. Visit my Facebook page for more details;

  • Playtime is Over

    Playtime is Over

    The story of Six Flags (Jazzland) with images from 2002 and drone photos from July 2019. There is also a link to a aerial video tour.

  • With the Birds I Share the Loneliest View….

    With the Birds I Share the Loneliest View….

    I can’t explain why, but lately I’ve been wanting to trespass into some cool places. When I was young (teens – early 20’s) I would think nothing of a no trespassing sign. My friends and I would just go for it. We were’t criminals or anything. We never stole anything or damaged anything. I’m not […]

  • Why A Drone?

    Why A Drone?

    As photographers we’re always looking for a different perspective. A different way to see something that’s been seen the ‘usual’ way many times. I’ve actually put my camera down on the street already just to get a completely different angle. I couldn’t even see the viewfinder to frame the shot, so I just took several […]

  • How to Develop Your Photographer’s Eye

    How to Develop Your Photographer’s Eye

    I’m hardly an expert on this topic. In fact, to be honest, I’m hardly an expert on any topic related to photography. I do, however, have several years of experience in photography and have seen what works… and what doesn’t. The real issue with this topic is that there are just so many photographic disciplines […]

  • It’s All About Perspective.

    It’s All About Perspective.

    It’s all About Perspective

  • Hike Into History

    Hike Into History

    If you are local to New Orleans, there is something that you probably don’t know. While the city is home to a world class WWII museum, there are other relics from World War II that aren’t as easily experienced. In a city named; Belle Chasse rests 10 WWII era ammo bunkers! All that required to […]

  • Photography’s Most Important Ingredient​

    Photography’s Most Important Ingredient​

    In a few recent articles, I discuss some of the technical details of photography. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other details are outlined. However, there’s one very important ingredient that can’t be learned from a photography book or even fully understood in a classroom envirorment. The ingredient that I’m talking about is patience. If you’ve […]

  • Tips for Long Exposure Photography

    Tips for Long Exposure Photography

    Tips for Long Exposure photography

  • How to Shoot HDR Images

    How to Shoot HDR Images

    Let’s get a little deeper into image creation. You’ll notice that I didn’t say photography. While there are hundreds of books written on photography, there are far less on the subject of HDR post-processing. If you don’t know, HDR means ‘high dynamic range’. As discussed in a previous article, your camera has much less ‘dynamic […]