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  • The Basics of Photography

    The Basics of Photography

    I’ve been getting questions lately asking for more technical details about some of my photographs. Let me begin this article with a quote. This is something that my photography instructor used to say when asked if a particular photo was “good”.  He would say; “If you like what you’ve created, then it’s good.” To be […]

  • How to Photograph Fog (Part 2 – more details)

    How to Photograph Fog (Part 2 – more details)

    More details on photographing fog.

  • So, You want to be a ‘Professional’ Photographer?

    So, You want to be a ‘Professional’ Photographer?

    “What makes someone a professional photographer?”

  • How To Photograph Fog

    How To Photograph Fog

    Taking photographs of fog presents unique challenges, but certainly, there’s no magic to it.

  • 2019… A New Chapter

    2019… A New Chapter

    It may seem odd to start this story with a look back, but I don’t like to just jump into the middle of something. Way back in 1990, my wife surprised me with gift…. a new product on the market = a camcorder!  Back then, the camcorders were as big as the cameras now used […]

  • New York 2018 (recap)

    New York 2018 (recap)

    This past Labor day weekend, my wife Mendy and I traveled again to New York to visit our daughter (Ashley) and her boyfriend (Ian). They’ve moved since our last visit from Staten Island to Newark, NJ. So, it was a different commute. We got off of the plane and onto an ‘Air Train’  then the […]

  • Something really different….

    Something really different….

    While the ‘title’ of this website is; This site is, when all is said and done, about me and the things that interest me.  Photography has been my main interest for several years, but there are many others. For example, while still considered a photography tool, I’m involved with UAVs (commonly known as drones) […]

  • Hands On

    Hands On

    This website is dedicated to my photography. I mean, it’s in the name! Still, I have other interests that I’d like to share. The one’s I’m talking about are at least ‘artistic’ in nature. I have plenty of other interests that I won’t get into on this page as they have nothing to do with […]

  • Drama at Dusk

    Drama at Dusk

    I’ve said it before, sunrise and sunset photography is always a gamble. A sky full of clouds can go clear right at sunset – it’s crazy! I was watching the sky, off and on, most of the day. I finally decided to go ahead and go out to see what I could get. I left […]

  • You CAN do it too!

    You CAN do it too!

    “Two men took a boat to the lighthouse in 2008 and climbed to the top of the lighthouse. As they started to descend, the ladder broke, stranding them in the tower. Fortunately, one of the men had a cell phone and called for help. Firefighters soon arrived, and, after having to swim across the inlet […]