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  • A New Venture

    A New Venture

    While this page will continue to be about my personal work and activities, the client based commerce based projects will be featured on a new website. Crawdad Productions will be the site for our DJ services, Video services and, of course, Photography. This new site will have all the information, so if you (or someone […]

  • WOW! It’s been awhile

    WOW! It’s been awhile

    Looking back, the last post I did was right after Hurricane Ida. Those were crazy times indeed and a lot has been going on. Not much of what’s been going on is really very interesting or worth writing about. Covid seems to be ended (hopefully) and places are getting back to normal…. well almost. I’ve […]



    The last couple of years have been pretty rough. Between Covid, mask mandates, the summer riots, the election, the January 6th riots (whatever that was), vaccines, Covid AGAIN! Masks AGAIN! The 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and the embarrassment of the way our country handled leaving that 20 year war, the last thing anyone needed […]

  • My Own CORVID-19 Story

    My Own CORVID-19 Story

    On March 9th, 2020 – 13 members of my family boarded a cruise ship out of New Orleans for a 5 day trip. Today, with all that’s known, that sounds like a crazy (or stupid) idea, At the time, there wasn’t a single case of Coronavirus in the state of Louisiana – not one. When […]

  • Strange Times Indeed

    Strange Times Indeed

    For my whole life, maybe because of science fiction movies or because I’m from the generation who got under their desks at school to be ‘protected’ from an atomic bomb, I assumed that the world would end in a bright white flash. That’s if you were lucky. If you weren’t so lucky, you’d spend your […]

  • Abandoned Six Flags Give-Away

    Abandoned Six Flags Give-Away

    I’ll keep this short and to the point. On September 15th, I’m going to choose (at random) one person, from our Facebook page, who will win this print; It’s pretty easy to win. Visit my Facebook page for more details;

  • Why A Drone?

    Why A Drone?

    As photographers we’re always looking for a different perspective. A different way to see something that’s been seen the ‘usual’ way many times. I’ve actually put my camera down on the street already just to get a completely different angle. I couldn’t even see the viewfinder to frame the shot, so I just took several […]

  • How to Develop Your Photographer’s Eye

    How to Develop Your Photographer’s Eye

    I’m hardly an expert on this topic. In fact, to be honest, I’m hardly an expert on any topic related to photography. I do, however, have several years of experience in photography and have seen what works… and what doesn’t. The real issue with this topic is that there are just so many photographic disciplines […]

  • Hike Into History

    Hike Into History

    If you are local to New Orleans, there is something that you probably don’t know. While the city is home to a world class WWII museum, there are other relics from World War II that aren’t as easily experienced. In a city named; Belle Chasse rests 10 WWII era ammo bunkers! All that required to […]

  • Photography’s Most Important Ingredient​

    Photography’s Most Important Ingredient​

    In a few recent articles, I discuss some of the technical details of photography. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other details are outlined. However, there’s one very important ingredient that can’t be learned from a photography book or even fully understood in a classroom envirorment. The ingredient that I’m talking about is patience. If you’ve […]