Polaroid Transfers

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Polaroid transfers are made in a very unique way.  First, an image is made with a camera on slide film (rather than negative film which is more common). Then, when the slide is processed, it is loaded into a device called a ‘day lab’ (no longer available). Then a piece of instant Polaroid film (669 – also no longer available) is loaded into the bottom the day lab.  The image from the slide is transmitted onto the Polaroid film. The film is then removed from the machine and the inky ‘negative’ is quickly removed from the positive (that’s the part you used to ‘shake’ until you saw your image). The positive is tossed away and the inky negative is pressed onto damp watercolor paper and, once the negative is lifted, the transfer is visible – hopefully.  They are tricky to make and each one is unique of course. There may be replacement films being produced, but I haven’t made any transfers in quite some time.

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