Because William Wolfe Photography and Videography offers such a wide array of services, a set standard price sheet would be long, confusing and difficult to maintain and update.

The best solution is to contact William and provide as many details as possible about your upcoming event or production and he will reply quickly with a quote or to obtain more information that would be helpful in providing a detailed quote.

Having said that, it’s understandable that you came to this page expecting some information. In the hopes of providing it, a photo engagement session would start at about $300.00 while a photo / video engagement session with a video ‘Love Story’ would start at about $500.00. Wedding photography packages start at about $1200.00.

There are way too many details to discuss some of the video production or editing pricing options. However a wedding video (complete with professional editing) would start at about $800.00.

Drone services also depend on several factors, some of them having to do with the legality of the proposed flight. The time or location and the required editing options also have a lot to do with the pricing of the drone project.

Again, the best way to obtain accurate and current pricing is to contact William.


Phone; (504) 450-9067

You can download our current pricing sheet below. Please understand that not every service is listed and prices can change without prior notice.

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