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  • Super moon and the Riverboat

    Sometimes, photography can be like fishing. You gather your gear together, often leave the house in total darkness and, sadly, come back empty-handed. Sunrise photography can be hit and miss. Other times, it can be like shooting fish in a barrel. One such occasion was when I headed downtown to the moonwalk, which is actually […]

  • Three Crosses

    When my daughter was in college at LSU, we would pass these huge crosses each time my wife and I would visit her. Every time we did, I would think; “I need to photograph those crosses.” Finally, on the last trip to pick up my daughter when she finished her degree program, I took the […]

  • A Popular Pier on the Lake

      You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but there were a bunch of people all over the place while I was setting up to take photos of this pier on lake pontchartrain which is very close to the Treasure Chest Casio. In fact, the casino and boat launch are just across the street. […]

  • Twin Bridges

    Behind the scenes of one of my favorite and most popular images. At this distance, the normally crowed, active city melts into the skyline. The only sounds are those of the rushing Mississippi River and the traffic crossing over the bridges above. While I was standing along the rivers edge waiting for the right moment to […]

  • Tools of the Trade

    There’s an old adage that states that one should use the right tool for the job at hand.  When it comes to photography, however, we’re told that “the camera doesn’t matter.” The point of that last quote is to illustrate that a good photograph can be made with any camera. That’s true to a certain […]

  • Lots of Irons in the Fire…

    Lots of Irons in the Fire…

    Of course, this is my photography page, so the main focus (no pun intended) will be on my still photography. However, it deserves to be mentioned that still photography isn’t my only interest. When I say; “Still Photography” most people will think of digital photography, and who could blame them. That is just one aspect […]

  • Adult Years

    Adult Years

    During High School, I got interested in music. I got a guitar and even took some lessons, for a short time. When I realized that my guitar instructor was actually sleeping during my lessons, I decided to go it alone. I was part of a garage band (our neighbors really loved that!). After high school, […]

  • The Early Years.

    …. And by ‘early years’, I’m not talking about my early work as a photographer, I’m talking about my actual ‘early years’. As I mentioned, my father was in the military (the U.S. Navy to be exact). This meant that we moved often in those years. Two of my siblings and I were born in […]

  • In the Beginning…

    The title of this post may seem…. overboard, but this is a new website and it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken the time to tell the story of my work, how I got started and why I do it in the first place. It wouldn’t be fair to say that there was a […]

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the new online portfolio for William Wolfe Photography. Please feel free to check out the gallery area. New images are added often. Leave us a comment to say hello! Please let us know how we can help!

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